Culinary Arts


Culinary Arts

Students prepare for occupations such as chef/cook, baker/pastry helper, pastry decorator, hospitality worker, dietetic aide/assistant, food demonstrator, and entrepreneur. Critical thinking, practical problem solving, and entrepreneurship opportunities within the field of culinary arts are emphasized. Teachers highlight the basic skills of mathematics, science and communication when appropriate in content.

Courses, Credit and Certifications

High School Credit

Students receive up to 3 high school elective credits each year for successful completion of the program. Passage of the certification exam will award the student 2 student-verified elective credits, one of which can be substituted for a verified credit in either science or history.


NOCTI exam Prep Cook; ServSafe Manager; ServSafe Food Handler

Dual Enrollment Credit

The Culinary program is dual enrolled with Piedmont Virginia Community College. Students successfully completing both years of the program will receive 20 college credits towards an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts.

Class State Code Duration Grades Dual Enrollment Credential(s) AM or PM
Professional Culinary Arts I 8521 1 year 10-12 PVCC – 12 credits ServSafe AM PM
Professional Culinary Arts II 8522 1 year 10-12 PVCC – 8 credits Commercial Foods Assessment (NOCTI), Serve Safe PM Only
Intro to Culinary Arts 8250 1 year 10-12 SPED  N/A ServSafe AM Only

Students successfully completing the program receive credit for the following Piedmont Virginia Community College courses.

Year College Course Codes College Course Name Credit Per Course College
Year 1 HRI106 Principles of Culinary Arts 3 PVCC
Year 1 HRI158 Sanitation and Safety 3 PVCC
Year 1 HRI119 Applied Nutrition for Food Service 3 PVCC
Year 1 HRI219 Stock, Soup and Sauce Prep 3 PVCC
Year 2 HRI128 Principles of Baking 3 PVCC
Year 2 HLT100 First Aid/CPR 2 PVCC
Year 2 HRI218 Fruit, Vegetable and Starch Prep 3 PVCC

Education Pathway

Reynolds Community College

  • Culinary Arts, A.S.
  • Hospitality Management, A.S.
  • Pasty Arts (Career Studies Certificate)

Piedmont Virginia Community College

  • Applied Science

James Madison University

  • Hospitality Management, B.S.

Virginia Tech

  • Food Science Technology, B.S.
  • Human Nutrition, Foods, & Experience, B.S.
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management, B.S. (Business)

Johnson & Wales
Culinary Institute of Virginia
Culinary Institute of America

Career Information

  • Career Pathways: Chef, Restaurant
    Direct and may participate in the preparation, seasoning, and cooking of salads, soups, fish, meats, vegetables, desserts, or other foods. May plan and price menu items, order supplies, and keep records and accounts.
  • National Wage Average: $41,610.00
  • Virginia Wage Average: $41,610.00
  • Projected Job Growth in Virginia: +8.4%
  • Career Pathways: Line Cooks
    Cook, prepare, season, & cook a wide range of foods, which includes soups, salads, entrees, & desserts.
  • National Wage Average: $21,720.00
  • Virginia Wage Average: $22,180.00
  • Projected Job Growth in Virginia: +4%
  • Career Pathways: Dietitians & Nutritionists
    Experts in the use of food & nutrition to promote health & manage disease.  The advise people on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related good.
  • National Wage Average: $59,410
  • Virginia Wage Average: $60,040
  • Projected Job Growth in Virginia: +20%

carol robb headshot

Instructor: Carol Robb

Chef Carol Robbs has an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of Virginia, Norfolk, VA.  She also holds  a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from SUNY Brockport.  She has worked in several prestigious restaurants in the Hampton Roads area and served as executive chef for the Eastern Shore Yacht & Country Club.  Chef Robbs brings to teaching her passion for cooking and good food.