Academies and Programs for High School Students

Technical high school education – CATEC classes are offered at CATEC and other sites and are available to all Albemarle County and Charlottesville City Public School students free of charge. Most programs meet for half a day and include practical, hands-on training in a variety of exciting career fields. Transportation to and from base schools is provided.

To enroll in CATEC classes, students should fill out the online application with their high school counselor’s assistance. Students who attend and complete CATEC programs have the opportunity to receive a recognized certification or credential in their field and high school elective credit. Students completing select CATEC programs receive, on average, 11 dual enrollment college credits. View our Career Development Site.

Healthcare & Medical Services Academy

CATEC is partnered with Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC), Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC), and local businesses to develop career and educational pathways in the areas of nursing, pharmacy, veterinary science, and emergency medicine.

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student learns about the inner workings of a computer

Information & Engineering Technology Academy

CATEC is partnered with PVCC, CISCO Systems, and local businesses to develop career and educational pathways in computer networking and cyber security.

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Auto Body Repair

In the global automotive repair industry, there is a growing demand for qualified auto body technicians. In this course, students are taught non-structural analysis, damage repair, and welding.

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Auto Service Technician

Students learn all aspects of automotive repair, safety, and customer service by concentrating on the eight automotive areas needed to become an ASE certified master technician.

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Building Trades & Electrical

Building Trades prepares students to erect, install, maintain, and repair buildings, and other structures using materials such as metal, wood, stone, brick, glass, concrete and composition substances. Students focus on developing skills in core safety and the masonry, carpentry, electricity, and plumbing professions.

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Students study hair, skin, and nails and their related care. Students are grounded in theory as they prepare to practice procedures in a clinical lab setting or classroom, using mannequins for manipulative skill practice.

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Culinary Arts

Students prepare for occupations such as chef/cook, baker/pastry helper, pastry decorator, hospitality worker, dietetic aide/assistant, food demonstrator, and entrepreneur. Critical thinking, practical problem solving, and entrepreneurship opportunities within the field of culinary arts are emphasized.

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Students are introduced to the equipment and procedures necessary to fight live fires, operate in simulated hazardous-materials incidents, and conduct search-and-rescue operations.

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